Design should not dominate things, should not dominate people. It should help people. That's its role.

—Dieter Rams

Wondering about the X?

I was too when I was assigned the email handle, timothy.x.wong, at a former company.

Problem is, I don't have a middle name. X became a placeholder that's stuck with me since.

X now represents the experience of users I design for and the X-factor I bring to a project or team.

Let's chat and see what the X is to you.

Interesting Facts about TXW:


Originally from the Bay area

Coffee (Espresso) Lover

Motorcycle enthusiast (that motorcycle was rebuilt by me!)

#WestCoastBestCoast, #NorthwestIsBest

Let's get in touch!

If you don't like forms, feel free to email me at timote[at]gmail[dot]com to connect.